Katherine and Colten Engaged

Fort Worth Engagement Session
Trinity Park, DFW

When I first met Katherine at her consultation – I knew we were going to get along well! We both have a quirky sense of humor and we ended up chatting for hours. Katherine and Colten met back in 2010 and they both love spending time outdoors (especially fishing) so Trinity Park was the perfect location for their engagement session!

Katherine said that neither of them were very romantic, but Colten proposed in quite a romantic way. Katherine was tagging along on one of Colten’s family vacations to Destin, Florida (one of Katherine’s favorite vacation spots). When they arrived, Colten led Katherine to believe that they were going on a dinner date with just the two of them. On the way to dinner, Colten asked Katherine to go on a sailboat ride – “just for fun.” At this point, most girls would suspect something, but Katherine is so laid back she didn’t even realize Colten was about to propose! Once they were out on the water the captain offered to take a photo of the two of them at which point Colten got down on one knee and asked Katherine to marry him. She of course said yes and they are tying the knot next month at the Piazza in Fort Worth, Texas!

Katherine and Colten are so giddy with one another, they made my job easy and I love all the fun, candid moments I was able to capture between the two of them. I hope you enjoy scrolling through a few of my favorites from Katherine and Colten’s engagement session!


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