Nicki and Joe Engaged

Buffalo Bayou Engagement Session

Now that I’m back from the amazing Showit United conference, it’s going to be a week full of engagement sessions on the blog and Nicki and Joe are the first up! We had the perfect weather for their engagement session! It’s been so dreary around here lately, I was thankful for a few days of sunshine which came just in time for all my sessions. I met up with Nicki and Joe at Buffalo Bayou Park for their engagement session and I could tell right off that bat it was going to be a good time. Nicki and Joe are both so laid back and fun, I had a great time getting to know them both better during their session! This park proved to be the perfect location and it had a beautiful view of the city – almost made it look like it was glowing as the sun set!

Nicki and Joe first met when they were interns for the same company. They both had crushes on each other, but Joe didn’t get the courage up to take Nicki on a date until almost two years later! When Joe was ready to ask Nicki to marry him, he got all their friends and family on board for a surprise proposal for Nicki! Joe casually asked Nicki out one Friday night to the restaurant where he had the surprise planned, but ironically Nicki was worn out from the week and almost didn’t go. Thankfully she changed her mind and the surprise proposal was on! Joe took Nicki to the place where they had their first dinner date. When they arrived they were welcomed into a private room where they placed a drink order. Instead of the drinks they ordered, the servers brought out champagne and Joe asked Nicki to marry him as the doors to the room were opened and all their family could share in the moment!

I can’t wait to celebrate with these two next June for their wedding at the McGovern Garden’s in Houston! Many congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs.!



  1. Joe Francisco says:

    TARA!!! These are amazing! Had such a fun time with you and these pictures couldn’t have turned out better. Caught Nicki and I exactly how we are. Can’t wait to see them all!!

  2. Nicki says:

    Wow!! Wanting to relive this photo session again after looking at the pictures – thank you Tara!!

  3. Ellie Francisco says:

    What a great story, beautiful couple,
    we love them!

  4. Michael S. Francisco says:

    Lovely couple, but I am biased being the groom’s father and so looking forward to a daughter. Great pics.

  5. William says:

    “Wow, I’m absolutely obsessed with these pictures” – Mallory while scrolling through. I have to say, she’s completed right these are great!

  6. Denise Monteleone says:

    what wonderful photos which capture 2 adorable people soooo in love ! You did an amazing job !!!

  7. Shelley Ludwick says:

    Beautiful photos of an amazing couple!

  8. Katrina Erickson says:

    These are outstanding and brought a smile to my face on a very cold morning ❄️ . You captured a lasting love and I can’t wait to meet you Tara!!! See you at the wedding…until then, we will cherish these photos!! – MOB

  9. Kate says:

    I love you Nicki so happy for you and Joe.

  10. Brenda Erickson says:

    Such great photos!! Can’t wait to see these two get married!

  11. Meghan Frankson says:

    You captured Nicki & Joe’s love for one another PERFECTLY!! Can’t wait to see these 2 get married 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    These photos are AMAZING! Love this sweet couple ❤️

  13. Mary Maley says:

    These are two of my favorite people. Love them and can hardly wait for them to become one.

  14. Julie Harrell says:

    WOW, these photos of the happy couple are beautiful!! We are so excited for their big day!! Love you Nicki and Joe!

  15. Kelly Shannon says:

    Oh my goodness!!! All of these photos are amazing!!! I must say though, that the first black & white picture offers a window into the future of these two wonderful people!!! Love, strength, confidence and serenity!!!!! Cannot wait to see what the future holds for my 1st niece and her wonderful husband to be!!!

  16. Sydni Faucheaux says:

    Wow wow wow!!! Excellent shots of such a happy couple! Congrats y’all ❤️

  17. Terry Dupre says:

    Great pictures of a great couple! So happy for these two!

  18. Francis says:

    Beautiful couple! Congratulations to y’all!

  19. Tim Erickson says:

    Excited for you guys and I love you both very much. A couple of real bah bahs

    Oh these pictures are great nice job by the photographer. Maybe I can get a self portrait for my wife. No she would probably throw darts at it.

  20. Geoffrey McCann says:

    Awesome couple! Hands down the best two people that could have crossed each other’s path and now, get to be one great couple!

  21. Jon Adkins says:

    These photos are awesome. Congrats, you two!

  22. Beau says:



  23. Avi Laxmidas says:

    Really amazing pictures! So happy for you both!!
    Love the Houston skyline in the background.

  24. Taylor Chiasson says:

    Beautiful pics! Couldn’t be happier for y’all!

  25. Patsy Dirba says:

    The pictures really capture the love between these two beautiful people. Congrats to Nicki and Joe on your future life together.

  26. Austin Blanchard says:

    Beautiful couple, much love for these two!!

  27. Geri Francisco-Wyant says:

    Congratulations to you both, Joe and Nicki! You make a beautiful couple. Sending much love and happiness!!!

  28. Leah says:

    Congratulations from Montana! The pictures are GREAT! The beginning of something wonderful! With much love!

  29. Berta says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Congratulations and best of luck on your new adventure together! Your Montana family is thrilled for the two of you!

  30. Ian Shows says:

    Congrats y’all! I’m glad y’all took pictures by a bayou because you’re basically a glorified Cajun Jeaux! Nikki you look great as well! See y’all soon!

  31. FrankA Colaizzi DMD says:

    Beautiful Nicki…Handsom Joe…The background of the city, foliage and color blending make a romantic photographic setting.
    May God Bless this couple with eternal love, health and happiness.

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