Frio River Vacation

Frio River Vacation
Leaky, Texas

Every year for the past 11 years, my family has vacationed at the Frio River and it’s one of my favorite times of the year! There’s nothing like unplugging for a few days to enjoy the great outdoors. Even though it was early August (one of the hottest times of the year in Texas) the weather was perfect for our river trip.

We arrived at our cabin last Wednesday evening – we stay a few miles down the road from Garner State Park on private property. There’s an isolated swimming hole a short walk away from the cabins where we spend most of our time at the Frio.

We floated the river the next day after enjoying breakfast at the cabin. One tip we’ve learned over the course of our Frio vacations has been to float the river during the week! This way we’re able to avoid the stream of weekenders making the river relatively empty and peaceful.

The river was a little lower than normal so there were a few points we had to walk, but overall it was a nice float! The past two years we visited the Frio, there had been heavy rain storms leading up to our trip so the river was flowing really fast. I love floating the river when the water is rushing, but the swimming hole is best when there hasn’t been a recent rain so I really enjoyed the snorkeling this year.

A turtle we found at the private river bank near the cabins.

For meals we either cook at the cabin or visit local restaurants. Our favorites are Neal’s Cafe and Friend’s Grill and Restaurant.

Friend’s Grill and Restaurant also serves bluebell ice cream which is a daily occurrence for us at the Frio. Mint Chocolate Chip for me please!

My sister took a few photos of Justin and me by the riverside just as the sun was setting! Thank you Sara 🙂

We spent our last night at the Frio stargazing and I had never seen that many stars before! Without all the light pollution, we were able to see the stars clearly. The perfect ending!


  1. Linda Hall says:

    I love your happiness. You are a blessing to me!

  2. Robin Sager says:

    I feel like I was there- you have wonderful descriptions and photos! Uncle Dan can relate to mint chocolate chip ice cream 😀❤️

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