Mary and Patrick Engaged

Aggie Engagement Session

This session reminds me of something out of a Wes Anderson movie! When Mary and Patrick showed up with their Tandem bike that they were learning to ride together, I was pretty excited! Mary and Patrick are both into the 50’s vibe and together they enjoy drive-ins, old movies, ice cream, antiques, tandem biking, and kayaking!

These two first met when they were juniors in high school. Mary had just transferred to Temple High and was the shy new kid. That particular day she was feeling bold and wanted to make a new friend so she complimented the boy sitting behind her in German class that was wearing a Star Trek shirt. That boy was Patrick! He was surprised by her compliment and after class they walked together and chatted about Star Trek becoming instant friends.

One particular day they had a 50’s themed date planned. Patrick borrowed a 1957 Bel-Air from his friend and they went to the movie theater that showed old movies to see West Side Story. After the movie they got bobba tea, visited 2 antique shops and ended their date strolling through the park. Patrick popped the question at the park and Mary of course said yes!

Mary and Patrick are two peas in a pod and I’m so happy they’ve found one another. They are getting married next June at the Chapel at Caliber Oak in Temple, Texas and I can’t wait! Many congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs.!


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